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Welcome to wherever you are

Hello people!

Today I launched this new blog and in doing so I realize that, again, I'll have to decide what address to give to the theme of the articles that I publish Gradually.

Obviously this new blog, (unlike VitruvianTux.net) will focus more on myself and my everyday experiences (work, study and everything else about my small world). This blog will be a technical one of course, but not only.

The reason for this choice is plain: are now months that I have no time to search online news or material circulating on the net to written continuously on a purely technical blog. Is not a sustainable job for a single person.

This new "adventure" instead allow me to focus without the need for constant updates on what are my interests and, like a diary, to write down all the novelties and oddities I come in contact.

And... yes I'll try to do so in english.

So we can start now.. Stay Tuned!!

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